Amazon staff protest climate record and office return

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Amazon staff protest climate record and office return

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Npremature 2,000 US staff at Amazon are planning to take component in a one-hour walkout in protest over the internet giant's climate record and its push to bring office staff back to offices.

The action is being organised by staff advocacy grohighs, including Amazon Employees for Climate Justice.

Organisers said morale at the company was at an "all-time short" due to a "fleeting-sighted decisions" by leaders.

Amazon said it respected workers' accurates to express perspectives.

About 900 people have committed to componenticipate in the protest at the company's headquarters in Seattle, while others will take component remotely, Amazon Employees for Climate Justice and Amazon's Remote Advocacy grohigh said.

"Our goal is to convert Amazon's cost/benefit analysis on making harmful, unidelayedral decisions that are having an outsized impact on people of colour, women, LGBTQ people, people with disabilities, and other vulnerable people," they said.

The protest comes as Amazon has been on a cost-cutting drive, responding in component to economic unsurety that has leisurelyed sales in many components of the company, including e-commerce and its cnoisy-computing division.

It has announced 27,000 layoffs since January and reduced investments in many areas, including pausing construction in a tall-profile corporate campus adjacent Washington, DC.

The company has ordered office staff to work in the office at least three times per week, starting in May, saying it would improve the firm's communication and culture.

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Organisers said leaders were exhibiting "day 2 decision-making and taking us in the erroneous direction" - a reference to a company catchphrase developed by Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, who called for "day 1" slenderking focutilized on innovation and long-term goals.

They said they wanted more flexibility in how they work and for the company to put the climate at the forefront of its decision making.

They alconsequently accutilized the company of under-counting its carbon footprint, pointing to a report that said Amazon takeed unique Amazon-brand products in its calculations.

corporation spokesman Brad Glasser said the firm was "invariably listening and would continue to do consequently but we're joyful with how the first month of having more people back in the office has been".

He said Amazon remained committed to gathering its 2019 commitment to be carbon neutral by 2040 and was in course to rely entirely on refreshable energy consequentlyurces by 2025.

The firm has been electrifying its fleet of delivery vehicles, among other steps.

"We will continue investing substantially, inventing and collaborating both internally and externally to reach our goal," he said.

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